HeritageBox Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

HERITAGEBOX is dedicated to protecting your privacy and we understand that you may have queries regarding how we utilize, manage, and protect the information that we collect. HERITAGEBOX outlines through this Privacy Policy the manner of which it utilizes, uses, manages and protects the information collected from our users and answers some of the frequently asked privacy questions related to our services. By using our website and services, you unequivocally agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

II. Collected Information and How it’s Used

HERITAGEBOX utilizes the information submitted to us in order to provide you with your requested services. HERITAGEBOX does not share any of your provided information with nor sell the same to other 3rd party outside marketers without your permission. In this light, HERITAGEBOX may share some of your provided information with vendors or affiliates assisting us in providing you with the requested services.

This laid out Privacy Policy is effective upon access to our Website, upon receiving our e-mails, upon receiving text messages from us, upon using our services or whenever you provide your information to HERITAGEBOX, including but not limited to, when you provide your personal information either in-person, through facsimile, online, on the phone, through text message, in an e-mail, through a letter, or by any other means or manner.

a. Communications with HERITAGEBOX. Please be guided that all communications received by HERITAGEBOX on the course of its business operation through its HERITAGEBOX customer service including but not limited to e-mail, telephone, letter, and text messaging may be recorded and saved for record keeping purposes.

b. Cookies Policy. Cookies are data files stored by your web browser on your computer. A computer “cookie” is more formally known as an HTTP cookie, an Internet cookie or a browser cookie. The name is a shorter version of “magic cookie,” which is a term for a packet of data that a computer receives and then sends back without changing or altering it. Without them, you will not be able to use the Website of HERITAGEBOX and many other websites using cookies. However, in all major web browsers, users may control how their browser and computer use and store cookies. You however have the right to reject all cookies, this however will prohibit you from using the services offered by HERITAGEBOX.

c. IP Addresses. HERITAGEBOX may track IP addresses in the aggregate for purposes of administration and also to gather demographic information. In no instance shall HERITAGEBOX link IP addresses to any specific computer except when an order is placed through our online checkout process where the IP address assists us to protect our customers by identifying fraudulent credit card uses among others. Whenever necessary or warranted, we may share such information with the financial institution which issued the credit card and law enforcement agencies.

d. Passive Data. HERITAGEBOX from time to time may use small files called “tracker gifs” or “beacons” in our emails or on our Website. The use of these files allow us to collect non-personal data such as how our site is being used, when used, which pages are visited, pages referred to us, as well as the kind of browsers used in accessing our Website. Said information is broadly collected, analyzed in an aggregate format, which allows us to better understand our customers to enable us to provide the best possible experience while accessing our Website.

e. Testimonials. HERITAGEBOX sends out with each order a survey form wherein customers can provide a comment on our services. Some of these responses may be used on our Website as testimonials, we only post testimonials from our customers and HERITAGEBOX does not in any way upload deceptive testimonials. You may refer to our testimonial page to view some of our customers’ feedback on our services. Your submission of your feedback to us means that you agree and understand that HERITAGEBOX may publish such testimonials in promoting our services. Whenever we publish a testimonial, we will also publish the name of the customer with the first letter of his/her name, and the city and state where the customer is from. HERITAGEBOX will never publish your entire last name, personal address, e-mail, phone number, and any other identifying personal information.

f. Use of Mail and E-mail. Whenever you use the services of HERITAGEBOX, you will be asked to provide your e-mail and mailing address. E-mails and mails are used by HERITAGEBOX in order to update our customers of the status of their orders with your ordered products shipped to your physical address. HERITAGEBOX may also use either e-mail, physical address or both, to let you know about our special deals, products, new features, or promotions that you may be interested in. You however have the option to opt out from these by unsubscribing through your account profile.

g. Third Parties and Privacy of Media Content. HERITAGEBOX shall not publish nor take photos, videos, or media publicly available without your written permission whether online or on its promotional content. We will not intentionally show your provided media to any third party who does not need to see it, in an effort to promote our services. By submitting media to   HERITAGEBOX for conversion or any other services, you therefore understand and agree that some individuals may see the content of the videos and you likewise waive all privacy rights in the content of the submitted media. Please be advised that a HERITAGEBOX employee may watch part of a video submitted to us to ensure that the conversion process will go smoothly, or may even watch it after conversion for quality check purposes. Kindly refer to our Terms of Use which discusses your waiver of privacy rights.

h. Storage and Hosting Services. Upon using HERITAGEBOX storage and hosting services, you will be provided with a link wherein you can access those videos and other media. This link will not be shared to any other person except you. However, should you desire to share the link or the person to whom you have shared the link passes it to another, then any other person provided with the link may have access to viewing the media files on that link. Please understand that if your media is hosted through a third party server, the vendor providing the hosting service may have access to your media.

i. External Website Links. The Website of HERITAGEBOX includes links to other websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which may have different disclosure, privacy policy and terms of use. HERITAGEBOX does not have control over the content or the conduct of those websites. In instances wherein you are directed by our Website to another website, you  agree to hold HERITAGEBOX harmless and you acknowledge and agree that your interaction with such third parties are solely between you and the said third party, and that  HERITAGEBOX shall not be liable in any manner arising out of such interactions. HERITAGEBOX makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding third party websites.

III.        Other Disclosures

a. Business Transfer. Should HERITAGEBOX be sold, acquired, affiliated, or merged with another company, any or all of your personal information may be a part of such transfer.

b. Legal Obligations. In compliance with the applicable laws and subpoenas, HERITAGEBOX may disclose personal information under its possession to regulatory officers, law enforcers, judicial bodies, or other parties.

c. Referral Programs. Occasionally, HERITAGEBOX works with promotions to market services such as Groupon. Please be advised that the flow of information with such referral groups is akin to a one way street.  Ideally, the customer submits information to Groupon or any other similar service, and then sends the same to HERITAGEBOX. Kindly note that we do not share any specific customer information with Groupon and whatever Groupon has in its possession were therefore shared by the customer and not us.

d. Other Advertising. Advertising is one of the most common online marketing tools and it is used by websites to advertise or promote their products and services to you based on the other websites that you have recently visited, thus showing you only the advertisements that you may actually want. Once you visit the Website of HERITAGEBOX, Google or other companies running advertising placement may show you HERITAGEBOX ads on other websites that you visit with which HERITAGEBOX is not affiliated. We do not have control on the ads and the websites in which such ads appear, nor such practice shares any of your personal information held by us to those companies.

e. Tracking. Although HERITAGEBOX provides digital conversion and other services, we do not provide shipping services ourselves. In order to ship products, we therefore need to share certain personal information like your complete name and shipping address with a shipping carrier such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. to enable us to ship products to you – a right reserved to us.

f. Security. HERITAGEBOX uses industry based standard protection for our Website which is intended to reduce or mitigate any loss, misuse, breach, alteration, theft, or abuse of its information or services. HERITAGEBOX may use additional security measures as needed in order to protect its online storage facilities and Website which may be provided by a third party vendor. HERITAGEBOX reserves its right in providing the needed information or granting the needed access to any third party as may be reasonable and necessary for security purposes.

While HERITAGEBOX uses reasonable security measures designed to protect the submitted content and materials, none of these data security measures are guaranteed to be completely effective to ward off any threat, and HERITAGEBOX cannot and do not guarantee the security of all submitted content and materials transmitted to or through our Website on any of our services.

Factors beyond our reasonable control includes but are not limited to: force majeure event, internet access or other related problems, failure of a third party’s equipment, software or other technology falling beyond our control, failure of computing and storage services such as those provided by third party providers not under our control and supervision may occur. All content transmission of materials in the use of our services is solely at your own risk and by using our Website and services, these risks are acknowledged and accepted by you from the time you access the Website of HERITAGEBOX.

IV. Notifications and Changes

HERITAGEBOX may need to update, change, modify, revise or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and such right is reserved to HERITAGEBOX to do so. Should we change any of its provisions, the updated Privacy Policy will be immediately available through our Website together with the older version to enable our users to ascertain the degree of such changes, or at the very least, an “updated” section which shows the modification undertaken.

V. Contact

Should you have any inquiries or questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us on the following contact details:


7934 West Drive

North Bay Village, FL 33141

E-mail:  info@HeritageBox.com

Phone:  (218) 888.3340

To reach us quicker, HERITAGEBOX advises its users to use E-mail however on the alternative, you may likewise contact us through mail or phone with the contact details provided above.