How Much Does it Cost?

We offer 4 different size packages. Each package allows you to digitize up to a certain number of items. Discounts are based according to which size package you choose. For individual item pricing, please visit our Pricing

What counts as an Item?

1 item = 1 video tape, audio cassette, or film. If you’re sending photos, 1 item = 25 photos, slides or negatives. Not sure how many items you have? We recommend selecting a lower tier package – You can always add more items to your HeritageBox before you send it back to us. 

What if I have extra items?

Extra items are no problem! Just send us what you’ve got. Once we receive your Heritagebox, we’ll tally up the items, and if the item number exceeds your package limit, we’ll email you a new invoice for your extra items. Extra items are charged at $15 each.

Can I mix & match items?

You can mix and match tapes, photos, audiocassettes and more. If you purchase a Starter box (3 items), you can send us 2 video tapes (2 items) and up to 25 photos (1 item). Send us any type of media that comfortably fits inside your HeritageBox.

How long does it take?

You will generally receive your Heritagebox within five days from the order date, depending on where you live. Once your HeritageBox is returned to us, tracking and processing begins, and that can take – at most – up to six weeks (possibly less). Faster shipping or digitization options are available and can be selected at checkout.

Is shipping completely free?

Remarkably, we do offer free 3-way UPS shipping! This includes from us to you (an empty HeritageBox), you to us (full of your stuff), and us back to you again (with your original keepsakes). We take great care to ensure that the process is comfortable and send you a tracking link as soon as we receive your first HeritageBox order. 

What is the HeritageBox Pledge and Quality Guarantee?

We are confident in our best in class technicians, and guarantee that you will be happy with our digitization techniques. So much so, that if you’re unsatisfied with the quality of your order, we’ll give you a refund.

Can I order a USB thumb drive?

Of course! We can save your memories to a USB drive and return it to you with your HeritageBox. You can choose to purchase any quantity of USB drives from the cart page once you have selected a package, before you checkout.

Do you digitize films like Reel-to-Reel?

We do. But due to the nature of these films and the extra care and time required by our technicians, professional reel-to-reel film transfer costs a bit extra depending on size. Extra fees for reel-to-reel are: 3” – $25 | 5” – $35 | 7” – $45. Once we receive your HeritageBox, we’ll determine the necessary charges and e-mail you an invoice for approval.

How much does the Online Gallery + Cloud Backup cost?

The first year of our secure Online Gallery and Cloud Backup is included with every HeritageBox purchase. After this, it renews automatically at $49.99/year. Our Cloud Backup storage solution is great if you’d like to keep your memories safe and secure with us for you and your family. If you no longer want to keep this service, you can cancel anytime.

Can I share with others?

Of course you can! These belong to you. You can share with anyone you like, anytime! You can also download your files to your local computer or other storage device and share as you wish. 

What is a Digital Download Link?

Once your digitization is complete, we’ll email you with a link to your very own digital Dropbox folder. From here, you can view, download, or share your media with anyone, anytime!

Can I order more?

Most orders can fit into a single Heritagebox. If you have a very large order (40+ items) we recommend adding an extra HeritageBox to your order.

Will my media be returned?

Yes. Your media gets shipped back to you once digitization is completed. 

Any More Questions?

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