About HeritageBox

Company Values


Trust is crucial and we know we need to earn yours. We exist because or customers trust us to take exceptional care of their loved memories.


We are different because we are efficient. With the best equipment and technicians in the industry, we get the job done.


We have the best customer service. Call, e-mail, or chat with us right here anytime - we love hearing from you.


Quality is key. We know you rely on us to bring you the best quality images and videos so you can re-live memories in high fidelity.

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What They’re Saying About Us

“I was in charge of completing our family genealogy project and we needed over 2,000 old pictures digitized. I was nervous at first but I can say that HeritageBox handled everything perfectly and with great care. The files were high-quality and everything was organized neatly inside our online gallery.”

Allie CohenMarketing Executive

“Our family had to flee a fast-moving wildfire barreling towards our home near Santa Rosa, CA. We grabbed our dogs and our old boxes of vhs tapes and pictures were all that we could carry. We bought a Heritagebox the next day, and within 2 weeks we were able to view everything online - and the quality was perfect. Watching and reliving these old memories brought us joy while we dealt with this experience of almost having lost everything.”

Jason SmithFX Artist & Developer

“We've kept our family VHS tapes and photos in our basement for years (maybe decades!). It was taking up space that we needed now so we decided to try digitizing them with HeritageBox. Boy, were we glad we did! After sending them to HeritageBox, we got a link to folder that contained all our old videos online. Brand new again and we were easily able to share them with the rest of the family.”

Cara MarcusInterior Decorator

“When our mother passed we found a box of VHS tapes and old photos in her attic. I can't describe in words how much joy these old videos have brought me and my family. To be able to see and remember these experiences is truly priceless. Thank you HeritageBox!”

Casey JacobsHuman Resources Director